Interview with Shoe Designer, Jinny Kim

Jinnny (HyoJin) Kim

She is my x company representative and shoe designer. I met her up when I did an internship last summer. She is friendly and nice. It was my first experience the internship with her. I never miss the time.

When I asked about interview, she gave me her biography. It already said my question. So I want to share the biography with blogger and I add more interview about 2012 S/S season (because she already said basic questions by the biography)


Jinny Kim is gaining recognition and popularity around the globe with her stunning handmade Hollywood style vintage-inspired shoes. She was born in South Korea. Jinny Kim entered the fashion industry long before her shoed graced the feet of the rich and fabulous.

As a Fashion Design student in Seoul, Jinny Kim began her career as an assistant editor for Vogue Korea and continued her education at Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Following her graduation, Jinny Kim aggressively built her career at various NYC fashion companies, yet unsatiated with production jobs, she returned to FIT to study Accessory Design.

Fueled by her passion, her skill, and a strong vision to offer women luxury and functionality at a reasonable price, she returned back to her homeland to collaborate with the many hand made shoe factories that make South Korea an admirable contender in the field. Soon after, Jinny Kim launched her first collection in 2006.

Met with rave reviews from the fashion world and media, Jinny successfully debuted her first collection and claimed her place as a forerunner in elegant footwear design. Her style in Vintage Hollywood with Modern Flair.

Jinny Kim’s first collection was inspired by Vogue, Bazaar, and the movies stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. She gracefully re-expressed the silhouettes, fabrics, and colors of that era and recreated them with a modern edge. Particularly, her Satin Pumps in jewel colors of emerald green and ruby purple are the representative style of her collection.

Jinny Kim offers luxurious comfort without sacrificing style. Jinny Kim’s shoes have captured the hearts of many adoring celebrities across Asia, and continue to be recognized by customers worldwide.

Here is optional interview.

Q. What was the inspiration for this retailer?

– She loved painting and going to travel. She always got inspiration by painting and travel.

Q. Are they any particular decades that stood out when looking at their collection?

– Yes, Jinny Kim has own style. For example, they pursued the concepts, which are sexy and feminine.

Q. What design elements were used to enhance the spirit of the collection?

– She usually used metal, animal pattern, and beads for 2012 S/S collection.

Q. Brand Image: What is the brand image of this retailer?

– The brand image is sexy, elegant and chic style.


Interview with my classmate- JINHEE BAIK


1. What are you doing now? Can I ask you to introduce yourself?

I am Jinhee Baik, I am majoring Fashion merchandising in Academy art of University. I am 23years old and came from Korea.

2. Do you have any opportunity to study fashion?

I was lots of interest in the fashion when my young age and looked around clothes, and observed the fashion wherever I went in the first place. I really wanted to study fashion since I was young until now. But my parents did not accept my opinion. Finally, I was recruited my parents, I am her and I am studying fashion.

 3. When you work in project or task, where do you get the inspiration mainly?

I was inspired from various fields, it is not only clothes. It would be any kinds of visual designs like fashion, product, painting, furniture, movie, music and etc. These days, I am inspired from art of Magritte and I really love to listen to music. I imagine Mise-en-Scenebut while I am listening music.

4. Well, if the music you listen recently and can recommend some, which one?

These days, I am with the music, which is come live with me by Dorothy ashby on my work.

5. What are you doing in usual time, or what is your hobby?

Listen to the music and watch movies. I like to watch my favorite movies several times.

6. Who is your favorite designer?

There are many favorable designers, especially, I love Phoebe Philo and I like his designs like wearable and polished.

Harvey Nics Resort

Harvey Nichols, London

Swimwear in contrasting brights meets pastel sets and mannequins in these Harvey Nichols’ 2012 resort windows. The painterly effect on the background creates a dreamy mood and I especially like the fluorescent lighting effects. The use of colour is the main talking point for me: purples and yellows create great contrast, whereas the pastels are calming and make the brights stand out.

San Francisco Fashion Film Festival (fashion event)

San Francisco Fashion Film Festival

Saturday, April 7th 1:00pm to 8th

at Roxie Theater A, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a city of filmmakers and film aficionados. It is also a city of designers, taste-makers, and fashion lovers. In the Spring of 2012, film and fashion (and fun) will unite at the inaugural San Francisco Fashion Film Festival.


The San Francisco Fashion Film Festival offers a new take on what it means to be stylish in the cinema. With a curated selection of independent, documentary, and dramatic production films, we will present old favorites as well as unexpected titles. With dramatic films, our aspiration is to provide a broader perspective on costume, set design, storytelling, and cinematography. With documentary films, we seek to tell the stories of the designers and artists who shape the world of fashion and style. We recognize the deep reserve of stories that there are to tell about the world of fashion and style and are proud to showcase the work of independent filmmakers. As we explore films that have inspired trend, beauty, design, and culture, we will look beyond the little black dress to the creators and influencers who have affected style through film.

What is VMD?


Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximise sales.

Both goods or services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.

Visual merchandising commonly occurs in retail spaces such as retail stores and trade shows.

<VMD Business>

1. Show window display

2. Display inside

3. Display for new items

4. Easy to look around or pick up


5. Seasonal goods and manual works

6. Launching or Party

7. Collaboration

8. Season Event and promotion

There is kinds of VMD’s works 🙂

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier-de Young Museum

Here is hot news for fashion people 🙂

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier will be opening his exhibition on March 24, 2012

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, the first exhibition devoted to the celebrated French designer and his personal themes of “equality, diversity and perversity.”

The de Young is the exclusive west coast venue for this critically acclaimed international exhibition after its premier at the organizing institution, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and its presentation at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The exhibition will be on view at the de Young in the Herbst Exhibition Galleries from March 24-August 19, 2012.



Blackstone Boots for men- new collection

Dutch label Blackstone has launched its Autumn Winter 2012 Collection.   Three main colours dominate the men’s boots and shoes collection at Blackstone this season – black, a beautiful burnt ember and bark – a lovely shade of dark nutty brown.

AW 2012 Blackstone boots in black, ember and bark

Blackstoen lined men’s winter boots

Blackstone Old Yellow Ankle Boots with zipped side


Blackstone was established in Gouda, Netherlands in 1992. True to its heritage and vintage Dutch Design, Blackstone designs finely-crafted fashionable boots and shoes featuring rich leather and quality material. From classic to dress, safety to casual, Blackstone offers everyone a pair of comfortable, stylish, cool-to-wear shoes.