Interview with my classmate- JINHEE BAIK


1. What are you doing now? Can I ask you to introduce yourself?

I am Jinhee Baik, I am majoring Fashion merchandising in Academy art of University. I am 23years old and came from Korea.

2. Do you have any opportunity to study fashion?

I was lots of interest in the fashion when my young age and looked around clothes, and observed the fashion wherever I went in the first place. I really wanted to study fashion since I was young until now. But my parents did not accept my opinion. Finally, I was recruited my parents, I am her and I am studying fashion.

 3. When you work in project or task, where do you get the inspiration mainly?

I was inspired from various fields, it is not only clothes. It would be any kinds of visual designs like fashion, product, painting, furniture, movie, music and etc. These days, I am inspired from art of Magritte and I really love to listen to music. I imagine Mise-en-Scenebut while I am listening music.

4. Well, if the music you listen recently and can recommend some, which one?

These days, I am with the music, which is come live with me by Dorothy ashby on my work.

5. What are you doing in usual time, or what is your hobby?

Listen to the music and watch movies. I like to watch my favorite movies several times.

6. Who is your favorite designer?

There are many favorable designers, especially, I love Phoebe Philo and I like his designs like wearable and polished.


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