Interview with Shoe Designer, Jinny Kim

Jinnny (HyoJin) Kim

She is my x company representative and shoe designer. I met her up when I did an internship last summer. She is friendly and nice. It was my first experience the internship with her. I never miss the time.

When I asked about interview, she gave me her biography. It already said my question. So I want to share the biography with blogger and I add more interview about 2012 S/S season (because she already said basic questions by the biography)


Jinny Kim is gaining recognition and popularity around the globe with her stunning handmade Hollywood style vintage-inspired shoes. She was born in South Korea. Jinny Kim entered the fashion industry long before her shoed graced the feet of the rich and fabulous.

As a Fashion Design student in Seoul, Jinny Kim began her career as an assistant editor for Vogue Korea and continued her education at Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Following her graduation, Jinny Kim aggressively built her career at various NYC fashion companies, yet unsatiated with production jobs, she returned to FIT to study Accessory Design.

Fueled by her passion, her skill, and a strong vision to offer women luxury and functionality at a reasonable price, she returned back to her homeland to collaborate with the many hand made shoe factories that make South Korea an admirable contender in the field. Soon after, Jinny Kim launched her first collection in 2006.

Met with rave reviews from the fashion world and media, Jinny successfully debuted her first collection and claimed her place as a forerunner in elegant footwear design. Her style in Vintage Hollywood with Modern Flair.

Jinny Kim’s first collection was inspired by Vogue, Bazaar, and the movies stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. She gracefully re-expressed the silhouettes, fabrics, and colors of that era and recreated them with a modern edge. Particularly, her Satin Pumps in jewel colors of emerald green and ruby purple are the representative style of her collection.

Jinny Kim offers luxurious comfort without sacrificing style. Jinny Kim’s shoes have captured the hearts of many adoring celebrities across Asia, and continue to be recognized by customers worldwide.

Here is optional interview.

Q. What was the inspiration for this retailer?

– She loved painting and going to travel. She always got inspiration by painting and travel.

Q. Are they any particular decades that stood out when looking at their collection?

– Yes, Jinny Kim has own style. For example, they pursued the concepts, which are sexy and feminine.

Q. What design elements were used to enhance the spirit of the collection?

– She usually used metal, animal pattern, and beads for 2012 S/S collection.

Q. Brand Image: What is the brand image of this retailer?

– The brand image is sexy, elegant and chic style.


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