I would like to introduce Twiggy who is my favorite old fashion people!

Twiggy (Nick Name)

Original Name: Lesley Hornby

19 September 1949 (age 62)

Neasden, London, England

Twiggy is best remembered as one of the first international super model and fashion icon of the 1960s.

In early 1966, Twiggy was the world’s first supermodel: a skinny kid with the face of an angle who became an icon.

At the time, the style was popular like skinny, boyish hair cut, mini one- piece or skirt, flat shoes, sweater, lunch box bag and striking eye lashes by Twiggy.

Twiggy became the idol for millions of teenage girls of the sixties revolution.

•1960’s style : The golden age of a sense of young. I think it was the highlight of fashion industry as if it bloomed a flower colorfully.
•With minimalism bringing out, men enjoyed their Beatles look and Mods look.
•Twiggy, a popular model, stood out. She appeared on the stage, wearing a mini skirt or minimalism one piece, when mini skirt comes out and people prefered a skinny shape of body.
•Twiggy appealed the feminism with a thin body, bobbed hair and mini skirt. It is similar to Agyness Dyn’s style today but personally Twiggy’s fashion style is more charismatic and attractive. She is short compared to other models that she is “cute” enough to fit in my pocket if I were a guy.


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