2012 Graduation Fashion Show

The guests of honor for the fashion show: Sarah Burton, creative director for Alexander McQueen and Phillip Treacy, milliner, took the stage on Thursday May 5th at 7:00am in the Cannery.

-for makeup and skin:

The trend emphasized lip colors. They only did one point makeup. The lip color is vary impressed. Which colors are deep orange and deep red colors.

Dewy and pure skin with deep lip colors:Tangerine deep orange and neon color. It is one of 2012 spring collection trend colors

Top of picture by Academy of Art University Graduate Fashion Show

Bottom of picture by Jil Sander spring 2012 rtw

Q. How do these trends relate to the apparel and accessories?

-They did not use many kinds of accessories in the runway show. They only are with sunglasses, cap, bangle, neck lace, and gloves. But it is not a lot.
-Using a few accessories. It would be emphasized their designs and draping. It is very related to apparel and accessories.

Q. Based upon your research, the material in this course, and your own observations, identify which of these runway beauty trend will be volume drivers for 2013.Explain the reasons for your choice.

-In my opinion, these days, we did not make up too much.

We just look like one point make up. For example, focused on eye or lip with vivid colors.  A few years ago, smoky eye make up is very popular. However, today, skin type is more popular dewy and pure than blush or bronzer. It looks like neutral. So, it would be popular to next year. Now, we are more focusing on lip colors, But, for next year, it would focus on eye may up with neutral skin tone. Fashion people do not like an old-fashioned ideas. We want to change and try something. Also, we should follow the whirligig of fashion. However, we can not change everything at one go. Right now, we are following one point make up. So usually, changing trend comes around every four or five years. That’s why it would be follow the trend to next year.

Runway pictures by ASTONISH

Fashion-related event : Fall 2013/14 trend forecast presented by trend union

Trend Union is a trend forecasting service that works with a multitude of companies as a consultant, developing trend books, giving seminars, and producing magazines.

Trend Union has three offices in the fashion capitals of the world, New York, Paris, and Japan. They are an established company in a modern era with over 1000 fans on Facebook and over 700 followers on Twitter.

Trend Union is the company that told the world in 2009-2010 that water was a rising trend, then again in 2010-2011 that birds and the idea of freedom would become increasingly popular, and yet again in 2011-2012 they said that eco fashion would be on the rise. Their forecasts have aided students, designers, and artists all over the world.

During the presentation, Linard described trend forecasting as a way of curating fashion, and putting things together in a new way. The rest of the presentation entailed Edelkoort’s research for trends for 2012-2013

My summary about the presentation

– I attended the fall 2013/14 trend forecast presented by trend union on Monday April 30. They presented about fashion and style trends for fall/winter 2013-14. It was details silhouettes, colors, patterns and lifestyles for the new season.

First of all, I felt Romanticism, the way we feel too.

The trend would be Romanticism with very dark.They showed many kinds of themes like Melancholic, Lyrical, Germanic, Folkloric, Poetic, Shamanistic, Frenetic, Poetic, Floral, and etc. one of most impressive themes Folkloric. It looks like natural and patterned with Red color. Especially, I liked the colors, which are orange and mustard. It was very harmonious with this trend. 

Also, 2013 main color would be white. It feels sadness. On the other hands, it would be as dark and as light for children colors.

It was very great time.


pictures by myself and google

Source: thefashionculturalist.com


I would like to introduce one of my favorite artist. She gave me inspiration by the works.

Just I want to share with you guys

Artist Beverly Semmes has shown her work in museums all around the world. She first won attention with her monumental dresses and other large-scale clothing that powerfully invoked the female body and touched on gender and feminism.







If you want to see more of her works here


Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke

I would like to introduce one of my favorite designers. He is Jean Paul Gaultier.

He is very creative person. He try many kinds of fields like fashion, interior and new creative director.

this time, new Diet Coke bottles designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. In the latest ad campaign, photographed by Stephane Sednaoui shortly after Coca Cola named JPG the new creative director of Diet Coke, models play with Gaultier’s portraits.

Available only in Europe in limited edition! too sad…..


enjoy with the pictures 🙂

The Fall 2013/14 Trend Forecast Presented by Trend Union

Today, I went to the fall 2013/14 trend forecast presented by Trend Union.

It was very great time with the presentation. I was enjoyed.

Trend Union presented their forecast of fashion and style trends for Fall/Winter 2013-2014. The presentation did detail silhouettes, colors, patterns, and lifestyles for the season.


DATE: Monday April 30

Time: 9-11am

Location: ST Brigid Church 2151 Van Ness Ave



Summer, Beach Wear

Summer, Beach Wear

Paul Smith Black Label loose tank top
£105 – vanmildert.com

Zimmermann sheer maxi skirt
$302 – my-wardrobe.com

Kate spade clutch
$268 – katespade.com

Phase Eight floppy hat
£30 – houseoffraser.co.uk


Elegance Look

Elegance look

Roberto Cavalli keyhole dress
£2,770 – net-a-porter.com

Alexander McQueen zip jacket
$2,115 – net-a-porter.com

Anya Hindmarch glitter handbag
$635 – mytheresa.com

Forzieri south sea pearl earrings
$1,194 – forzieri.com

INEKE -Perfumer San Francisco

Today, I would like to introduce one of perfumers in San Francisco. I am interested about perfume since I was met her.

She was guest speaker in my class, which is Introduce to Cosmetic & Fragrance Merchandising.

I was very great time with lecture. So I want to share that with you guys 🙂

Ineke Ruhland is a classically-trained perfumer creating original fragrances in her independent studio in San Francisco. Born and educated in Canada, she moved to Europe in 1988 for a career in the fragrance industry. After working in the Netherlands, England and France, she found herself passionately drawn to the creative role of the professional “nose”. So in 1996, she began her formal perfumery studies at ISIPCA in Versailles, France, the only university-level perfumery school in the world. She consolidated her study of traditional techniques with sojourns to Grasse, the Provencal city that spawned perfumery in France. Following three years of apprenticeship at a fragrance house in Paris, Ineke moved to San Francisco to blend her perfumery skills with her love of design, literature and the arts in the creation of her perfume “stories”.

Here are various perfumes

She gave us the chances that we tried each perfumes.

First perfume is my one of favorite one 🙂 it makes me feel so comfortable and fresh.

I liked the package. It is pretty >3


All of pictures by myself


INEKE LLC 4640 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

Street Fashion

Kayla Postma, Student

at Polk street

She wears long skirts with belt. And she was match with neon color. Finally she wears mink coat for cold in the morning

Seo Yoon Choi, Musician

at Sausalito

She wears white T-shirt with floral pattern scarf. Floral pattern is one of trend items in this season.

Denika Lin, Visiting in S.F

near by  China town

She wears all black fashion with gray Balenciaga bag.